Our self-management system

Our self-management system allows you to update your domain names online, in real time. There is no longer any need to complete webforms and wait for the the support ticket to be processed..

Before you can start using the self-management system you need to set up an account at MY.CHANNELISLES.NET and move any existing domain names into that account. All domain names in a single account are billed to the account-holder. If you manage multiple domain names on behalf of third parties who you want to pay the bill themselves, we recommend that you either set up separate accounts for each of your customers, or contact us about becoming a registrar.

You may move any domain names to the self-management system (both your own and those of third partie, such as your customers), but you will require the registrant’s permission if you are not the registrant yourself. Confirmation of this is carried out electronically as part of the transfer process.

Set up a new account or log into your existing account here.